November 2012

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The Issues we Face in Deploying M2M over LTE

November 27, 2012

Long Term Evolution [LTE] deployments include the phasing out of various 2G  and 2.5G solutions.  However, the trend to support the data needs of human users is undeniable.  However when it comes to machines, its not clear what drivers are going to make M2M an LTE driver.

Like humans, video for M2M surveillance is probably the most likely.  

How Do You Like M2M Evolution Now?

November 15, 2012

If you are new to the site, you may not realize how much more there is on the site, but its alot.  Particularly we are working on our new M2M magazine.  However, if you are new to us, let me take the opportunity to not only welcome you, but ask you to participate.

We need M2M to be as popular a term as Wi-Fi, in order for all the places M2M can help to truly take advantage of it.