How Do You Like M2M Evolution Now?

If you are new to the site, you may not realize how much more there is on the site, but its alot.  Particularly we are working on our new M2M magazine.  However, if you are new to us, let me take the opportunity to not only welcome you, but ask you to participate.

We need M2M to be as popular a term as Wi-Fi, in order for all the places M2M can help to truly take advantage of it.  Like Wi-Fi, M2M does not fit easily into a specific bucket.  We have some colleagues who love to talk about e-readers, personal navigation devices and other consumer Internet products.  We think these are important and certainly worth covering for the purposes of following the trends.

However, we see the market needing a voice for the Enterprise and Vertical solutions.  We want to talk about the value of deploying M2M from the ROI it delivers.  That means we are going to highlight case studies, webinars and resources that show the value of the connections.

And making the connection with your business may require some translations.  For example Pharma and Ag use cold chain solutions and for both industries the sensors and analytics are the same.  However, the requirements and regulations drive different business intelligence.

So we ask you to stick with us from time to time when you read about a vertical that may not seem directly connected to you.  You may find the value for your business using the technology is greater than the one we are highlighting.  When that happens we hope you report back to us.

M2M is in its adolescent stage, and we have a lot of experiences to go through together.  As my friend Bill says AGE means Another Growth Experience.  So I will end this post with the inspiration for the title.

Toby Keith's "How Do You Like Me Now"