The Issues we Face in Deploying M2M over LTE

Long Term Evolution [LTE] deployments include the phasing out of various 2G  and 2.5G solutions.  However, the trend to support the data needs of human users is undeniable.  However when it comes to machines, its not clear what drivers are going to make M2M an LTE driver.

Like humans, video for M2M surveillance is probably the most likely.  The need for high speed and the ready availability of high speed is very apparent.  However, the lack of common frequency amongst the LTE deployments makes it likely that only stationary deployments are going be based on LTE.

If that is the case then for asset management and logistics LTE is going to be sourced in a competitive environment with fiber.  Anything that is mobile in nature is going to probably stay in 3G mode for sometime due to LTE's divergence in frequencies.

So it's likely that the carriers are going to have to answer RFPs with two hats on.  Promising both that LTE is the future and you need to have it and that they will keep the 3G network available.