Google Gains B&N's Nook

In today's Wall Street Journal they reported that Barnes and Noble is joining the Android market.  The discussion was about the disappointing sales of the Nook in it's competition with Amazon's Kindle.  

Normally, I don't write about consumer space but I think the issue of needing to consolidation in the Application venues is interesting.  My general view point is that the Web should be its own App Store.  

The fact that B&N could not get momentum on their app store is ominous for the Consumer Internet of Things and some M2M applications that tie to your phone.    

Putting Apps on an iPhone is not exactly Enterprise friendly.  Companies that do Mobile Device Management (MDM) represented a needed buffer.

But in Android land the enterprise can source themselves pretty easily.

The fact that B&N has joined the Android market makes it harder for others to penetrate. 

Even though MSFT and Blackberry have history in the Enterprise,  I am not sure they should bet on app store instead of just enabling the Internet to deliver the apps.

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