The Buy Side of Energy Still is a Dim Bulb

I never know what to write as an article and what to just comment on, so I am going to experiment with a little of both.

On the trip home from TMC's offices in CT (a great place to visit particularly if you want to shoot some video with me).    I was listening to the NPR discussion about Incandescent, CFLs and LED lighting.

In effect, what they were saying was the move away from incandescent lighting had been a miserable failure, because consumers did not see any real benefit.

They were making the point that LED had a lot attributes such as color and duration that made it superior to CFL which was superior to incandescent. 

CFL did not win the hearts and minds of consumers because their principal selling point was energy efficiency and the price of the savings was already built into the price.  The efficiency was not sufficient to woe customers.

As I was listening I was seeing the parallel to smart meters and home energy products.   Making people buy for the altruistic hope of efficiency is not a very good reward system.

So my sense is we have a long way to go before companies successfully win the consumer's heart.
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