The Land Grab of IOT

One of the struggles we have in talking about M2M is everyone wants to change the category.  For example, M2M itself is a term that fits the mobile carriers well, but not all the sensors use cellular technology.   Cisco is pushing the Internet of Everything [IoE] and Europe has pushed the term Internet of Things [IoT].

Well based on the tweets at Mobile World Congress the defacto term is definitely IoT since IOT as a tweet was 50% larger than the next category which was wearables.  

The problem is that no one term really works well for all the industry.   A few years ago people would have advocated for Zigbee as the right term, but since then Wi-Fi has found a larger roll.   Mobile (Cellular) has more merit in some verticals than others.   The problem is LTE is not exactly a great fit yet, and with 5G already being talked about many systems may bypass a generation of use.

So we will use M2M Evolution with the understanding that for us its the right umbrella to embrace everyone in the space.
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