SAP & The Industrial Internet Consortium

The Press Release read.  

SAP Joins the Industrial Internet Consortium to Accelerate the Internet of Things and Help Shape the Business of the Future<http://www.news-sap.com/sap-joins-industrial-internet-consortium-accelerate-internet-things-help-shape-business-future/>:  The Industrial Internet Consortium (which aims at accelerating and promoting the business use of the Internet of Things (IoT)), supports the importance of industry-wide, international standards for easier interoperability for customers. SAP solutions for IoT are powered by the SAP HANA® Cloud Platform, which supports telematics, predictive analytics, and complex event processing including SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service solution, SAP Connected Logistics software and SAP Manufacturing Execution application. Additionally, SAP received the 2014 M2M Evolution IoT Excellence Award for its IoT connected trade asset intelligence software.

It followed a discussion about their activity with Jasper at Mobile World Congress.

The importance of SAP playing in the IoT space to me, is not the configuration aspects, but the ability to start rethinking business intelligence with the analytics. Working with Jasper the analytics are bounding to improve as deployments will be more accurate.

SAP has a long history of being at root of the Enterprise support systems and with HANA they have cloud capability, that should make some operations groups venture into new measurements.

If you want to learn about SAP and Jasper here is the video of their announcement.