All Singularity is Local

I am rereading Ray Kurzweil's The Singularity is Near after having just read Peter Zeihan's The Accidental Superpower.  It occurred to me that much of the technology changes that are now curiosities to the mainstream, are going to eventually bring us to the singularity of human and machine evolution.  

However,  these silos are not connecting well together.  If I talk about Autonomous Automobiles and 3D Printing the two worlds don't really make a connection.  Maybe I can get the auto cad group to see a relation, but even then the dots of the software for each do not converge.  

Now if I was a science fiction write like Arthur C. Clark, I could suggest that nano bots could print repairs on the car,  Or better yet pot hole repair bots would be dropped when car suspensions get jostled.

The accidental superpower convinced me that much of the innovation will find its way to the US marketplace if not first, always at least second and with a gusto that other markets can not replicate in speed to adapt and adopt.

Bottom line,  we are going to see technology resemble magic in our lifetime.