September 2016

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The IoT Singularity is Now Where in Sight

September 20, 2016

I don't mind being in an argument from time to time about who leads the market and how IoT is being deployed.

However, it drives me crazy when arguments get circular.

I am all for the zen of all things are part of IoT.  However, my friends tell me the Internet of Things is about connectivity of sensors.

In our discussion we kind of agreed that the 50B by 2020 had to include phones, but most analysts do not count phones in their estimates of IoT markets.  This kind of explains the difference between estimates.

The next point made is that what sensors we should count then should not be the ones embedded to a smart phone.  So Uber is not part of IoT, however a Square or a tablet with a card swipe might be part of the IoT Retail.  

IoT Shows and Our Show

September 15, 2016

Talking to some friends about our show in comparison to other…


What about Association Shows?


We are not an association or specific company driven show. 

The Now What Works

September 13, 2016

This morning I ended up on a call talking about the transition to the next generation of workers.  With the commercial Internet being over twenty years old and the iPhone almost then year old the expectation is that information is instantly accessible and communicable.

Given that less than 3% of the systems in the Enterprise are connected the push to retrofit and existing systems is going to be huge.  This manifests in two ways.  

The first is the use of gateways to manage existing industrial controls.