IoT Shows and Our Show

Talking to some friends about our show in comparison to other…


What about Association Shows?


We are not an association or specific company driven show.  While some companies show their own internal ecosystems at private events.  We run a show that shows many different companies competing in the ecosystem.  So while the floor looks like an ecosystem event, it actually is a place where enterprises and service providers find real choices that they can use to match their specific needs.  We invite associations to join us as part of the ecosystem.

In the conference the objective is to highlight the many ways IoT fits into the corporate requirements.

Our goal is to show the robust nature of IoT and not steer people into a specific solution.


What about the BIG Association Shows?


Other shows may be bigger and claim they represent a worldview, but the reality is they represent a specific bias toward the industry.  In some form they either skew their perspective toward partnerships or technology.  We are offer a level playing field for the entire ecosystem.


How about Vertical Shows?


Yes, Vertical shows often seem like the right place to go, but our team pays close attention to the many many vertical markets that exist.  Our experience is that they represent the innovator’s dilemma. The status quo dominates and it’s not clear that the people there are looking for the innovation.  We pride ourselves on highlighting the innovation and its our belief that by doing so the people who are change agents within the various verticals use us to find the solutions they want to apply in their vertical.


In addition, IoT is not a solution that stays in one place in the enterprise.  We say its a market of markets and what that means is that often the change agent that brings IoT into the business is not looking at the core of a vertical market but a specific role.  As they adopt, we know that acceptance then pervades the business and the next opportunity within that enterprise is probably lead by people who have seen the success within their company. Eventually IoT will be in all vertical shows, but for today, we believe we are the best way to reach all the Enterprises.


Where does IoT Evolution Conference and Expo fit?


We are not as big a show as we would like to be, when we look at the market many of our competitors have the benefit of being associated with lots of other business needs.  We are a show that focuses on IoT and we have a lot of competition.  We have a great deal of momentum from our news, social, webinars and online traffic that indicates our show is set to be large.  However, physical attendance often does not match the volume of online participation we have.  That is one reason why i advocate you sign up for the shows early because it’s your participation that translates into brand recognition online and people making the time to travel to meet you.

If you are slow to sign, imagine your potential unknown customer’s problem. You may be just what they need, but how would they know.


We are a great focal point for the industry in many forms.