The Now What Works

This morning I ended up on a call talking about the transition to the next generation of workers.  With the commercial Internet being over twenty years old and the iPhone almost then year old the expectation is that information is instantly accessible and communicable.

Given that less than 3% of the systems in the Enterprise are connected the push to retrofit and existing systems is going to be huge.  This manifests in two ways.  

The first is the use of gateways to manage existing industrial controls.   This manifests in a lot of different ways and machines that were never meant to be connected have never looked at having interoperable protocols. The result is the gateways have to be an interpreter as well as an aggregator.  

The second is in the use of analytics in new ways where wholistic views of the data is now possible and relevant data is brought into the mix.  This makes for new interfaces, and changes how upgrades of equipment are sold.  

So while greenfield are not likely upgrades will become essential.

We are trying to capture these issues at IoT Evolution Conference and Expo in Fort Lauderdale Feb 7-10, 2017.